February Speaker Lunch – Chad Thatcher


Maximizing Serendipity through the Expedition Mindset

From 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm

Dr. Chad Thatcher is a professor at SOU’s Outdoor Adventure Leadership department. His passion centers around exploration and helping others discover their inner explorer. An accomplished international guide, educator, and administrator of outdoor, experiential, and adventure education for over 30 years, he has an extensive background in developing and implementing interdisciplinary curriculum that incorporates adventure, international, sustainable and academic components. Chad has led expedition to over 60 countries and has traveled to more than 90. Chad's research explores the art of storytelling through adventure writing and photography; the expedition mindset; and the world of serendipity. Dr. Thatcher help design and implement the Master of Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership degree at SOU where students learn to lead any group, through any environment, to any goal by cultivating an expedition mindset. Expedition qualities of grit, tenacity, adventure, novel experiences, embracing the unknown, and sagacity can maximize serendipity.  Learn the science behind training your mind to recognize the potential for serendipity and more importantly, the skills to seize the moment. This program will give you effective tools, examples and ideas about promoting serendipity into your life.

Registrations are due by February 10.  You can register online or by calling Lori at the Club at 541-772-4707.





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