April Speaker – Jim Maddux


Operation Homecoming - the Return of the Vietnam War POWs

From 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm

Over 40 years ago U Club Member Jim Maddux was a U.S. Air Force intelligence officer and part of Operation Homecoming, an effort to secure the release and return to American society of 591 POWs who had been captured in Vietnam.  Jim  was a bit apprehensive when he first met the prisoner of war he was charged with debriefing. “We didn’t know what kind of shape they would be in,” says Maddux, a captain at the time. “We planned for the worst and hoped for the best."

It was a complicated military and humanitarian effort involving physical, psychological and spiritual well-being as well as gathering intelligence that the POWs could uniquely provide.

No doubt it was a life-changing experience for Jim.  He’ll tell us all about it on April 12. 

Reservations are due by Monday, April 9 and may be made at April Speaker Lunch or by calling Lori at the Club, 541-779-4707.




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